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A star, two stars….

Since October 7th 2023, I have been wondering where we all went, what remains from the innocence we once had. I keep asking myself what makes us who we are and what relates us to one another.

I tried to put words to express my feelings but didn’t find the proper ones in any of the languages I speak. I tried to put some music on at night to meditate and to connect with my soul, but couldn’t reach my soul.

So I took a pen and started to draw and instinctively I drew a star of David and a second one, smaller intertwined in the previous one… Suddenly « it » started to unfold. I felt lost because I could not touch, I could not see, I could not feel any longer the ties between me and my fellow humans I would pass by on the streets. I was physically in Paris but my soul had left, left to search and find the ones that were hurt.

The only way I have found to reconnect again with my soul and the world around me is to hope again.

« Hope » is such a strange word, one need it in time of despair and it also characterizes times of peace an joy. « Hope » is what makes one climb a mountain without seeing the top if it, « hope » is what makes one falling asleep while believing tomorrow will be brighter. « Hope » is what keeps one alive.

I drew a « Chai » which means « will live » in Hebrew inside the larger star of David.

The diaspora - the big star of David, Israel - the small star of David, the « Chai » cannot be separated. We are connected deeply and genuinely to one another and to life.

Since October 7th 2023, I still don’t know where we all went, if we will find a common path with the world outside the stars but I know deep down that I never lost connection with the world inside the stars.

Model: Lygie Duvivier - Photo : Bruno Zaraya.

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