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  • Delphine Hervieu


As silver pendant found on the ground.

Someone used to wear it.

Was it gift?

A symbol of commitment?

A promise?

Since October 7th 2023, it belongs to what is left.

October 7th 2023. 6:30 AM Israeli time.

Where were you?

Most probably like me in bed, sleeping, dreaming and enjoying the idea of a nice weekend ahead. Your street was quiet, your loved ones, next to you in their beds, your dog or cat on theirs. A couple of hours later, a cosy smell of coffee alongside fresh pastries was fueling the air in the house… your family Saturday was about to begin.

At the same time a flight away, a family like yours was attacked in its home, the members in their bed by a barbaric assault. Babies were beheaded, women raped, men tortured to death. Just a flight away. Think about it.

Almost 5 weeks later, Israel is still burying its dead, trying to identify body pieces, to collect belongings of their loved ones, to continue to live and bless the memory of the victims.

Almost 5 weeks later, more than 200 hostages are still kept in the tunnel of Hamas in Gaza.

Almost 5 weeks later most of the people in the western world will enjoy another family weekend ahead.

The western world, the « free world » as many like to name it. How much is it free today? When being a jew is considered an insult by students on campus, political parties, average citizens that virtually and with a blatant ignorance pretend to defend Palestine.

How free is it today, when too many people remain silent considering that it is safer to turn a blind eye?

Hate is killing us right away. Silence is consuming us.

The only place were silence is absent is in Israel, precisely the country that was attacked. Why that? Because Israelis and jews are no longer afraid today, we were choked, we are sad, we are hurt but we are not helpless. We are standing tall, we are not alone because we have each other. We have a country and we have an army but moreover we have values. Values is what our enemies are lacking, values is what our haters are deprived of. Values are what make us who we are since Moses time. We, as people are 5784 year old… We, as people cherish life above all. We as people could be summarize by one word, hope.

Nor a terrorist organization, nor a fundamentalist regime, nor individual haters will kill this hope.

We survived along centuries thanks to our hope. We know that despite the darkness, the tears and the suffering, the sun will rise again.

Hope is not a concept. Hope is not a vague idea. Hope is what feeds us. Hope translates tomorrow into present.

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