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  • Delphine Hervieu


Sea, jewels and sun… גלית

As the Summer holidays are about to end, I am sitting still in front of the sea in Sicily and wondering what is to be remembered and cherished. Time flies and what we really get to gather along the way are mental pictures of some past moments, the remembrance of certain smells and sounds.

Those elements are true treasures, « beauty is in the eye of the beholder » according to a popular saying… Is a treasure in the hand of the knower?

For the past week I have worn my pearl and turquoise necklaces in salty water, I slept, laughed, cried and meditated with them. My emotions have bled into them. I am the only one who knows what they carry: the places, the people, the feelings. They are my 2023 Summer treasures, not because they are precious in money value but because they testify that I was alive.

I have always had a special connection to the water, whether it be the sea or the ocean. I have been attracted to it for as long as I can remember me being alive.

It is the home of eternal treasures, the birth place of billion of lives, an endless source of inspiration. The sea has so many stories to tell to those ready to press pause and observe and eventually listen. When I was a kid I would press some found nutshells against my ear and listen to the music they had captured from the waves and the mermaids.

One of my favorite word in Hebrew is « Galit » גלית, which stands for « little wave » and « fountain ».

Galit is this little wave I carry with me the rest of the year when I miss the salty water and endless horizon.

Galit is my treasured word, the name of a dream to come, the impulse of a future inspiration.

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