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These are my first travel notes in English.

As Summer is almost half way through, I feel it is time to reach out to new perspectives, to close chapters and to draw again inspired by the new windows I am about to open.

Ever since I started drawing jewelry and learning techniques by myself, I have always felt that I needed to go an extra mile to be legitimate and recognized.

I have been apologizing over time for having spent my student years on the benches of « classes préparatoires » and business schools and not on the ones of an established art school.

I am not your common jewelry designer, I have diverse skills and approaches. I have come to realize that what is truly important is my ability to generate and process ideas, to start from a blank canvas and build a story with words first and then with lines and curves. I tell stories to myself and live through them…. And so I draw jewelry.

Jewelry is to me a language, it expresses lightness with smooth shapes and statements with sharp edges.

This summer I have eventually accepted to put myself out there as I am, and to prove to whomever I meet that I can reply with some genuine jewelry designs to an esthetic direction. I am right where I am supposed to be and with this strong belief, I am spending what is left of my Summer drawing by hand and building up on ideas.

I am and will remain a person who still tries and continues to show up. I am legitimate and so will be my designs.

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